Functional Fluid FAQ

  • What is brake fluid?

    • Brake fluid is primarily a Glycol Ether with a corrosion inhibitor package. The Glycol Ether must be stable (not boil) when subjected to the heat generated at the brake rotors; the corrosion inhibitor prevents corrosion in the system. The corrosion inhibitors in the brake fluid become depleted over time. Therefore you should keep an eye on it. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the fluid once every 2 years, but we recommend checking your owner’s manual to confirm.

  • Why do I need brake fluid?

    • The brake system needs this working fluid to transmit pressure to all four wheels to apply the brakes. Beyond that it must have a very high boiling point so that it doesn’t boil and turn into vapor at the high temperature at which it must operate. As the brake pads wear, the fluid level in the reservoir drops. The fluid level should be checked at every oil change and topped up as needed.

  • What is STP® Power Steering Fluid?

    • STP® Power Steering Fluid is a hydraulic fluid used to transmit the power steering pump pressure to the modern steering rack or to the steering box (worm and sector). Minor leaks can cause a drop in the fluid level, therefore, the fluid level should be checked and topped up at every oil change.