Fuel System

Proper vehicle maintenance starts with your fuel system.

A properly maintained fuel system is important to the overall performance of your vehicle.  A well maintained fuel system will:

  • Maximize fuel efficiency
  • Avoid rough idling, stumbling and stalling
  • Maintain and improve acceleration
  • Optimize overall performance

How it works

The fuel system provides fuel storage in the vehicle, filters out particulates, delivers fuel to the intake air system, and mixes the air and gasoline in the correct ratio to provide the most efficient combustion (i.e., the highest fuel efficiency) in the engine.

Making sure your flow of gas is not blocked is vital to getting the most mileage and performance from your vehicle. Optimal use of your gasoline is improved by using STP® products to fight the accumulation of performance-robbing deposits in the fuel system.

Today's modern engines are more susceptible to deposit buildup than ever before. Deposits have been found to start forming in as few as 2,400 kilometres. Studies have shown that deposits can decrease your fuel efficiency by as much as 11 percent.

Following our recommended system of basic maintenance can help your vehicle maintain optimal performance.

How fuel injector and carburetor deposits impact performance.

Fuel injectors and carburetors are designed to accurately meter fuel into the engine in a fine spray. Fuel injector and carburetor deposits can reduce fuel flow and alter the spray pattern of gasoline to the engine leading to a loss of power, reduced fuel economy and increased exhaust emissions.

Intake valve deposits reduce power and acceleration.

Intake valves are subject to the high temperatures of combustion and are susceptible to deposit buildup. Intake valve deposits can restrict the flow of air into the engine and adversely affect the air/fuel ratio, leading to reduced power and slower acceleration, as well as stumbling and hesitation when the engine is cold.

Knocking and pinging can be caused by combustion chamber deposits.

Combustion chamber deposits unfavorably increase the temperature at which gasoline burns, leading to knocking and pinging, increased exhaust emissions, as well as slower acceleration and poor fuel economy.

How to maintain the power, performance, reliability and efficiency of your vehicle.

Use STP® Gas Treatment with every fill-up.

Use STP® Fuel Injector & Carburetor Treatment with every other fill-up.

STP® fuel additive products are formulated with specially designed detergents that are delivered to the various parts of the engine by the gasoline. Products such as STP® Gas Treatment and STP® Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner are formulated with maintenance levels of detergents. With regular use, these products can help protect engine parts from the accumulation of harmful deposits. They can help keep the engine running at optimum performance and prevent deposit-related problems from occurring.

  • Dirty

  • Clean

  • Dirty

  • Clean

  • STP® Gas Treatment
  • STP® Fuel Injector & Carburetor Treatment