Fight Fuel Deposits

How STP® fuel additives fight deposits and keep your vehicle running its best!

Car engines can have harmful deposits that hurt your car’s performance.

Impurities in gasoline can cause deposits to form in fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers. This is an issue in both old and new engines. Harmful deposits can form in less than 8,000 kilometres  and cause:

  • Lower gas mileage
  • Poor acceleration and lost power
  • Hard starts
  • Auto ignition (knock and ping)
  • Increased exhaust emissions

STP® Complete Fuel System Cleaner can help eliminate those deposits.

Our strongest detergent formula – contains powerful detergents to help remove harmful deposits.

One tank treatment helps clean the entire fuel system – fuel injectors, intake valves, even hard-to-reach combustion chambers – to help optimize engine performance.

See How Cleaning Your Engine Improves Performance

Norman Berke, Automotive Scientist, demonstrates how STP® Complete Fuel System Cleaner can help fight harmful engine deposits to maintain optimum performance.

Norman’s Credentials

  • 20 years in fuel & oil additive formulation and testing
  • ASE certified with 10 years in auto repair industry
  • Mechanical engineering specialist with a Bachelor of Science
  • Race car owner and driver