About STP

Celebrating 60 years of power, performance and protection.

STP has been among the industry's leading fuel, oil and coolant additive producers for over 60 years. We’ve been one of the most recognized and trusted names in automotive care since we created our first oil treatment in a backyard garage in St. Joseph, Missouri back in 1954.

With a range of power and performance products, the STP® brand delivers advanced technology to keep your prized possessions running strong.

From pick-up trucks to muscle cars, hot rods to SUVs, new cars driven off the lot to eight-year old traders, as a true car fanatic and self-proclaimed automotive master, you know cars. You know your vehicle needs protection from harmful engine deposits.

That’s why the people at STP, Scientifically Treated Protection, are true automotive passion-istas. Because we know there are people out there who think like us. People who go all weak at the knees over the roar of a high-performance engine. Who go goo-goo ga-ga over the feel of the wheel. We live and breathe automotive performance. We dig research and development from the depths of our labs. And we are proud of our racing heritage.

After all, if our products are good for some of the world’s most renowned racing brands, our products have gotta be good for those who enjoy the view from the left lane of the road. We are happy to pass on our learnings to you. There’s a reason why people have relied on STP® products over the years. STP® products give you the power to get maximum performance from your automotives.

While your main "9 to 5" vehicle gets you from point A to point B, we know there are many other modes of transportation that you rely on. Exploring the lake scenes at the cottage, snowmobiling the trails with cabin friends, taking an adrenaline pumping off-roading adventure – you can rely on STP products to ensure your weekend warrior mode goes without a hitch.

And while mowing the lawn might not be that exciting unless you’re dreaming of that hole-in-one, or snow blowing your driveway for the fifth time in a week has you checking out the real estate listings in a much sunnier destination, know that STP products are formulated to work across a multitude of machines.

No matter what type of engine revs you up – any gas, diesel, 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine – there’s a solution from STP to help improve your vehicle’s performance. Simply stated. Muscle in, muscle out.

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